What are the benefits of buying a new build home in Scotland?

There is something very special and exciting about buying a brand new home. Untouched by other people, never lived in by another family and no past memories held by other people. A brand new sparkly house is the optimum purchase for some buyers. A blank canvas and standing start for you to create your own living space and your own special memories. For the right buyer, there are many benefits of buying a new build home in Scotland.

Lets talk through some of the major advantages of buying a new build home in Scotland.

Design and Customisation choices

For some buyers this is the best part of buying a new home.

In most cases, buyers of a new build home will be given the opportunity to select final standard finishings. This often includes kitchen cabinets, worktops and your own tiling choices in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Further along the build process you will also have to pick your own flooring choices.

If you really wish to fully bespoke your own home, new house builders often give you the choice to upgrade many areas for an additional cost. For example, you can pay extra for more wardrobe choices, larger patios outside, adding showers over the bath or even extra shower units if possible.

There is often lots of choices to help you create your own individual space if you have the budget.

Picking your own kitchen choices in your new build home

Higher energy efficiency

New build homes in Scotland are designed to be very energy efficient.

They are significantly more energy efficient than older homes and often carry energy ratings of A or B. This is mostly because of the use of energy efficient building materials and smart technology to control your heating. Solar panels are common on new build homes now too.

Meaning your home is far better for the environment and also far better for your monthly energy bills.

Warranty protection

A major advantage of buying a new build home in Scotland is the warranty you get. Most larger house builders will provide you with a 10 year warranty often with the house builder covering the first 2 year and the NHBC covering the remaining 8 years.

For smaller developers they may offer an architects guarantee or a similar warranty. Make sure you ask this question and are clear on what warranty they offer.

Reputable warranties are essential and will be required by your mortgage lender.

Warranties give you full piece of mind that most issues in the first 10 years will be taken care of.

Quick entry date

With no forward chain and a clear indication of when the house is ready, there is certainly a lot of transparency around the date you can complete on the house.

If the new build home is completed by the builder they will offer you a nice quick date of entry. Often 4 weeks is possible and the house builder will be keen to complete straightaway (Often 4 weeks).

If you are part exchanging your current home to buy the new build home, you too could have a nice quick date of entry. Learn more about part exchanging here

New turf with your new build house

Incentives & added extras

If you are lucky the house builder may be offering incentives on the specific new house.

Incentives could be free flooring or free turf and fencing in the garden.

You may find they offer to contribute towards your deposit or offer you cash back. Part exchange is an incentive by the new house builder too.


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