EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is an important and valuable part of the home buying & selling process. How long does an EPC last? In Scotland, England & Wales it is valid for 10 years.

During the 10 year period it can be used multiple times for various reasons. For example if you decide to let your house out for a few years an Energy Performance Certificate would be required. If you then decide to sell your house a few years later you can use the same one.

Improved your home? Update your EPC

Updating your certificate

If you have made improvements to the energy efficiency of your home since your original Energy Performance Certificate was completed. I would highly recommended that you have a new EPC carried out. When selling your home the higher your energy rating & the more efficient your home is, the more appealing it is to buyers. Its therefore important to ensure your rating is up to date and includes any improvements you have made.

Home Report

An EPC forms part of a home report, which is required when selling your home in Scotland. When the surveyor visits your home to carry out the home report inspction, they will complete a new certificate for you as standard. Even if you had one completed in recent times for other reasons, they will still complete a new one. There should be no additional cost for them doing this, as it forms part of the full home report cost. You may find more information about home reports here. If you would prefer they used your current one then I am sure they would oblige.

Check your homes Energy Efficiency. It can always be improved.

Check your EPC

Having an EPC completed for your own personal reason can be a great idea. It would allow you to understand how energy efficient your home is where you could make improvements. The more energy efficient your home is, the more money you save.

Don’t know if your home has an EPC?

Every home in Scotland which has had an EPC completed can locate their certificate on the Scottish EPC Register

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