When deciding which estate agent to handle the sale of your property, there are some really important qualities to look for in an estate agent. You must feel comfortable and happy with them, but also feel confident they will sell your home for you and the qualities to achieve the best price possible. Here are 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent.

There are some very strong professional qualities you will require from your estate agents, but here are 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent as a simple start.

#1 Friendly

Our estate agency world is full of meeting and engaging with people and being friendly and approachable. We hand hold our clients through a very stressful process. It takes a certain person to do this best and its those that are chatty and friendly. Make sure your estate agent has nice friendly qualities, and has a welcoming and reassuring personality. This will help the process go smoother.

When you are selling your home you need the best estate agent you can find. Here are our 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent

#2 Like your property

Goes without saying. If you get the vibe that the estate agent does not like your house then do not instruct them. They have to like the property they are selling, and if they do then they will be positive about your home to potential buyers.

If they were very negative about areas of your home when they visited, then they may subconsciously come across negative to your buyers and viewers too. Negativity is a quality you need to avoid.

#3 Contactable

Its really important that your estate agent is easily contactable. You should not be waiting days for a response to your call or even worse, never receive a call back at all! We understand estate agents are handling many clients, but their work load should allow them to return your call in a timely manner.

Its important to remember that they deal with your buyers too. If they don’t call you back then they are probably not calling your buyer back either. Or even worse not calling your potential buyer back! . Your estate agent needs to be available and if there not it can make for a very difficult transaction.

#4 Proactive

You want your chosen estate agent to have a proactive quality of make things happen. The quality to use their initiative confidently.

Estate agents should not simply ‘list’ your home on websites and hope for the best. They should be proactively calling buyers to encourage a viewing, Or even better, calling them before your house is even listed! Proactive can also mean your viewings are followed up quickly and promptly. Even being proactive with tips & advice if your house is taking longer to sell. This is an important quality to look for in an estate agent.

#5 Great on the blower

This is a big erk for me, I have talked to a lot of other estate agents over the years and they have had the worst telephone manner, Mostly giving off a sense of being uninterested or too busy to speak. It horrifies me!

Your estate agent must have friendly qualities on the phone, eager to chat and discuss properties and come across helpful and engaging. Remember your potential buyers will also be engaging with your estate agents on the telephone and you don’t want them thinking your estate agent is uninterested or too busy.

When you are selling your home you need the best estate agent you can find. Here are our 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent

#6 Local knowledge

Knowledge is power. As a seller you fully rely on the professional advice of your estate agent and their local knowledge of the property market. This will in turn allow you to make an informed decision when needed. Local knowledge is essential to give you strategic advice about the levels of offers, time frames and the quality of a buyer, amongst many other things.

Two cities only an hour apart could have very different property markets. Local knowledge is essential.

#7 Positive

I love a positive Penny or Peter! Estate agents should be very positive people when they are working. Positivity breeds positivity and I truly believe this.

Positive thoughts attract positive energy and this is really important when dealing with buyers & sellers. It doesn’t mean your estate agent can deliver the impossible but more success is possible with a positive attitude.

#8 Experienced

Your estate agent must always hold a good amount of professional experience and knowledge. Without the arrogance! Working with an experienced estate agent will be far more beneficial to you as the seller, and also to your buyer. They will have a better understanding of the process and local property market. Along with good connections with other local experts including solicitors and surveyors and a good applicant bank of local buyers.

There is also property qualifications which you can keep an eye out for and this will provide you with reassurance. Propertymark Qualifications say they are the UK’s specialist awarding organisation offering industry recognised qualifications in property. I do come across estate agents with the Level 6 qualification in Scotland, including myself.

#9 Smart appearance

You always want an estate agent to simply looking smart, tidy and professional.

#10 Believe they can sell your home

Ask your estate agent out right. Are you confident you can sell me home? Their answer will be telling. If they hum and hay and give excuses why your house may not sell, then this is a red flag. They should respond confidently that, yes, they can sell your home.

Every home is saleable. We can just never guarantee how quickly and for what price.

#11 Honest

Your estate agents must be honest with you. And you need to make them feel they can be honest with you too.

Sometimes its really hard to provide honest advice to some clients when they are very head strong or perhaps feel they are knowledgeable enough themselves. When an estate agent sees an issue forthcoming or a potential red flag then they have to be honest with you. If there is a problem which occurs in all your feedback from viewers, you need your agent to be honest with you and bring it to your attention.

Its all for the greater good and we are there to professionally advise you, on the good and the bad. Make sure your chosen agent has these qualities.

#12 Problem solver

This is an incredibly important quality to look for in an estate agent to have. This could professionally make or break a sale for you. This also comes down to your estate agents experience too. Your estate agent must be able to recognise a problem and then create a plan to bring a solution.

Feel free to ask them ‘What is the biggest problem you have had to solve within a property sale?’. If they respond saying they have never had a problem to solve, then they are very likely lying! It’s part of our job to solve regular hurdles and problems for our clients during their sale process.

When you are selling your home you need the best estate agent you can find. Here are our 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent

These 12 qualities to look for in an estate agent are a great starting point when considering various estate agents to sell your home.

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