7 things you should know about Moving to Scotland

Thinking of moving to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? 7 things you should know about Moving to Scotland.

Moving and living in Scotland could be the best decision you ever make. Here our 7 things you should know about Moving to Scotland, is full of information and incentives to make the move!

Thinking of moving to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Moving to Scotland. 7 things you should know

Property is cheaper

A huge pull for people moving to Scotland is the cheaper houses. A family of 5 can buy a far bigger family home for their money, than say England or Wales. This gives growing families more space to breath, more space to gather and more comfort in their own home.

I’m going to throw some numbers at you…hang on tight.

The Office for National Statistics reports the average UK house price was £296,000 in August 2022, which is £36,000 higher than this time last year

Average house prices increased over the year to £316,000 (14.3%) in England, to £220,000 in Wales (14.6%), to £195,000 in Scotland (9.7%) and to £169,000 in Northern Ireland (9.6%)

This is also the case for new build houses too. A study in 2022 by money.co.uk says Scotland is the most affordable country for a new build house in the UK followed by Wales in second place and then England at third. Based on data accumulated up to April 2022, the average price for a new build in Scotland sits at £291,258.53 while this sits at an eye watering £404,587.05 in England.

So in Scotland you are getting more bricks for your bucks!

Less population in Scotland

Scotland is sparsely populated in comparison to the rest of the UK and this is a great reason for Moving to Scotland.

Scotland has a population of approximately 5.47 million. With a population density of just 70 people per square kilometer (England is 434 people per square kilometer). Making Scotland the most sparsely populated country in the UK.

The main reason for this is our large incredible mountains! Large areas of Scotland are mountainous, in fact we are the most mountainous country in the UK. Check out any topographical map of the UK.

There are 282 summits exceeding 3,000 feet or 914.4 meters in Scotland, knows as Munros. So if you love the mountains and hill walking Scotland is your vibe! Scotland is also further north so colder on average compared to England and most people like to live somewhere warmer.

Many say Scotland’s countryside and rural areas remain quiet, peaceful and untouched . Yet with scattered villages, hamlets and towns to offer community and amenities, All encouraging people to consider a move to Scotland. The buzzing cities are not overwhelming in size but steeped in history & character with cool bars and food.

Some may thinks Scotland is not the easiest place to live but it is very accessible with 5 international airports, beautiful National Parks, incredible scenery and mountains and a pleasant mix of colder winters and warmer summers. Moving to Scotland will give you it all.

I wouldn’t consider living anywhere else for now because it is truly beautiful here in Scotland. There is room to have space and breathe.

Beautiful countryside and coastlines

Scotland has spectacular scenery, wildlife, over 500 golf courses, distilleries and thousands of castles and ruins dotted around the countryside, making for endless adventures and outdoor activities. Our majestic landscapes meet the sea and the dramatic coastline means the beach is on many of our doorsteps.

Scotland has two National Parks. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and the Cairngorms National Park in Aberdeenshire.

Our mountains are dramatic and our scenery outstanding, whilst our countryside is mostly untouched. If this doesn’t make you want to plan moving to Scotland I don’t know what will!

Glencoe in Scotland

Education is free

Students get free university tuition as long as they have lived in Scotland for at least 3 years.

A really great positive to living in Scotland is that all students get free further education whether it be college or university. And we have some of the best Universities in the world! This includes further education to become doctors, scientists, engineers, dentist and teachers.

Students get off to the best start in their further education with no considerable financial burden. It also ensures further education is available to all, no matters what their background or upbringing. If you have family then education is crucial when making any move, and this could encourage the idea of moving to Scotland.

According to USNews the University of Edinburgh was ranked #7 in the Best European Universities and #34 in the Best Global Universities. We also have the wonderful St.Andrews University.

Happy People live in Scotland

Rightmove’s annual survey of the Happiest Places to Live in Great Britain in 2022 included two entries for Scotland. The first time Scottish locations have been represented!

Galashiels appeared in the top three at number #2 and beautiful Perth ranked #5.

The results for the Happiest Places to Live in Scotland 2022 were

  • Galashiels
  • Perth
  • Stirling
  • Dundee
  • Inverness
  • Stirling
  • Paisley
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Kirkcaldy

So all round I think its fair to say were a happy welcoming bunch. Moving to Scotland could make you happier!


Wide range of employment sectors

Scotland has a wonderfully diverse range of companies and employment sectors meaning there are lots of great and exciting job opportunities. The Scottish Government confirmed that unemployment in Scotland remains at an almost record low which is really positive (2022).

Scotland.org tells us the key Industry Sectors of business in Scotland are:

  • Digital & Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Technology
  • Global Business Services
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Aerospace & Space
  • Oil & Gas
  • Creative Industries & Gaming
  • Tourism
  • Renewables & Low Carbon
  • Chemical Science

Something for everyone when thinking of moving to Scotland.

Thinking of moving to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Moving to Scotland. 7 things you should know
Renewables in Scotland

Low crime rate in Scotland

The SNP (Scottish National Party) report that Scotland has significantly more police numbers than elsewhere in the UK, protecting our communities. Per 10,000 of population, Scotland has around 32 police officers – compared to around 23 in England and Wales.

Recorded crime in Scotland remains at low levels, according to latest figures. The SNP advise that the number of crimes recorded by Police Scotland in 2020-21 one of the lowest levels since 1974.

There is a wee round up for you of all the important aspect when considering a moving to Scotland. Hopefully my Moving to Scotland – 7 things you should know answers some questions but here are some further blogs which may help your move to Scotland:

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