These are the BEST house viewing etiquette secrets

Moving house is most definitely one of our most stressful life events. Many parts of the process are stressful and unpredictable. Viewings should be smooth, prepared for and enjoyable! Here are my top house viewing etiquette secrets to help you avoid any uncomfortable moments.

You could just be about to visit your dream home. Or you could just be moments away from welcoming your buyer into your house. Either way property viewings are a critically important part of the house buying and selling process. Viewings will make or break a sale or purchase. Over the years I have gathered some great house viewing etiquette tips for you.

Being prepared for a viewing is good ettiquette

House viewing etiquette for BUYERS

  • Arrive on time – A viewing is a big deal for a seller and they will have taken the time to prepare their home for the appointment. Be on time is a great starting point and gets you off on the right foot.
  • Take your shoes off – When you first enter the home I would certainly be removing my outdoor shoes, or at the very least ask if you should remove them.
  • Have great manners & be polite – Having good manners is really important. You want the sellers to like you and you are entering their home. I have seen many sellers choose not to accept an offer from a specific buyer simply because they were rude at the viewing.
  • Leave the kids at home – For the first viewing I would always recommend leaving children at home so you can give the house your full attention. They would most certainly be expected at any second or third viewing, along with any other family members.
  • Ask before opening cupboards – You need to respect peoples homes & privacy. Always ask before opening kitchen cupboards or bedroom wardrobes. Most sellers will say yes, but always best to check.
  • Do not criticise the property at the viewing – I would recommend you do not relay any negative comments or feedback to the seller at the viewing. There is plenty time to do this with the agent direct when they request feedback from you.
  • No eating or drinking at the viewing – It would not be acceptable to eat your breakfast or lunch whilst walking around someones home. A take away coffee should also be left at home or in the car.
  • Ask before taking your own photos and videos – Most buyers do like to take their own photos or videos to show family or to refer back. The sellers often do not mind, but always polite to ask first.
A welcoming entrance is good house viewing etiquette

House viewing etiquette for SELLERS

  • Turn the heating on, make it cosy – Pop the heating on! It always gives a lovely welcoming feeling during the colder months, when the house is cosy and warm.
  • Turn the lights on if its a darker day – Put some side lights or main lights on during the darker days of the year. Make sure the outdoor light at the front is on too.
  • Create a welcoming entrance. Do not appear rushed – Welcome the viewers with open arms to create a comfortable entrance. Do not appear rushed or that the viewing is an inconvenience. They do not need to know that you rearranged 100 things for this viewing appointment!
  • Turn TV & phones off – Loud background noise can be annoying and distracting. Put the TV and any other loud noises, like the washing machine, off. Soft background music or the radio on quietly would be acceptable.
  • Give then plenty of time – Try to ensure you have no other commitments straight after the viewing. This gives them plenty of time and does not give them the feeling of being rushed.
  • Do not ask for feedback directly from them – At the end of the viewing, or throughout, I would avoid asking for feedback from them as it could lead to awkward conversations. Your agent will collect the feedback for you after the viewing and report back to you.
  • Have great manners & be polite too – Like the buyers, it super important to be polite and have good manners with them. You could both be entering a business transaction with each other so appearing polite and approachable is key.

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