If you are marketing your property and Christmas is approaching, you will likely be asking yourself Should I be selling a house over Christmas? You may be feeling a little deflated that buyers priorities will be elsewhere, rather than viewing your home. Fear not, as there are some huge positives to keeping your home on the open market during the festive period.

selling a house over Christmas
The gift of time at Christmas

Online traffic for property

You may think buyers are far too busy drinking mulled wine, eating mince pies and watching Christmas movies during the festive period. This is true of course, but people are also finding the time to think about moving home too and making plans for the impending new year ahead of them. According to Rightmove they recorded their busiest ever festive period for online traffic during Boxing Day 2021 to New Years Day 2022. Rightmove also claim their Boxing Day 2021 was their busiest ever Boxing Day for traffic to its site & apps.

It is known amongst estate agency that online traffic is generally very high during Christmas and New Year across most web portals, whether its the larger property portals or your own companies. The proof is in the (Christmas) pudding and buyers are active online so you don’t want to miss out.

Home for Christmas

Many people travel home to be with their wider family during the Christmas period. If families have plans to move back to the area they grew up in during the coming year, then this visit could be the time they start property hunting.

The gift of time

Christmas is different to any other holiday during the year. Some say its a time to truly switch off, be present amongst friends and family and down tools completely. I would fully agree with this. This means we have time. Time slows down, people communicate better and reconnect. Couples and families can discuss their plans for the impending New Year and this could include a house move. When they take the first steps to look online, you want to make sure your property is for sale and there for all to see.

Christmas property marketing

Property marketing can be fairly ‘samey’. Christmas and the festive period gives you and your agent a chance to switch up the marketing. Why don’t you ask the agent to take some photos of the house looking festive with the wreath hanging on the front door, the front sitting room with the Christmas tree and open fire. These could be added to your property marketing photos during the festive period only, (You want to remove them immediately once New Year comes).

The festive photos of your home could also be used by your agent for new content on social media to highlight your property. For example a new post to highlight ‘How beautiful the property looks during Christmas’ or ‘This house has the perfect spot for a Christmas Tree’

selling a house over Christmas
Festive first impressions

People gather

The festive period brings people together. Friends, families, loved ones and strangers. This is a time to talk to people. Spread the word that your property is for sale. They may then mention it to their friends and loved ones too. Word of mouth is extremely powerful amongst a community so now is the time to get chatting!

Should I be selling a house over Christmas?

For sure. 100%. Keep it active and for sale and capitalise on the opportunities the festive period brings.

You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain having it for sale during this special time of year. So lets go for it and look at these 10 easy tips to selling your home at Christmas

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