Does naming your house increase the value? There are so many aspects of a home you can change & improve to make it better. But have you ever thought of something very small, inexpensive but hugely impact-able?

The name of your home matters. It matters a lot and I am confident naming your house will make your home more attractive and increase the value.

Naming a house correctly can create the perfect image

Would 21 Albert Close or The Artist’s House, 21 Albert Close seem more appealing to a buyer? The name creates an image and feeling before you even look at any pictures or information. You imagine a strong and old house yet creative and relaxed. The house would be full of natural light and windows framing the garden offering creative inspiration.

The house name alone makes it already fit your ideal image of a unique and characterful home. If its perfect for the buyer they will pay more and naming the house will therefore increase the value.

House names matter making your home more attractive and appealing to buyers. But does naming your house increase the value?

Take time naming the house

Choosing the right house name makes a house more saleable and attractive. Naming some homes correctly can create prestige, others create comfort and charm. I truly believe that an attractive, well thought through house name can make all the difference when selling your home.

Naming your house carefully will help it sell better and in turn could increase the value.

House names matter making your home more attractive and appealing to buyers. But does naming your house increase the value?

Choosing the wrong name can turn people off and give people the ick! There are cold, soul-less names which create a negative first impression and deters buyers from viewing. Pick wisely.

Avoid common house names which could reduce a house value?

During my career I have certainly come across several house names which prove popular with home owners. Some are those with historical uses for example The Old Manse, The Manse or Old Schoolhouse . Other common names are The Cottage or The Steading, which I think could have been more imaginative.

Roadside Cottage and Riverside Cottage are very common too but can be a big no-no for buyers. Naming your house these names could have a negative impact on the house value.

In 2021 Admiral Insurance released the top 10 most popular names of homes in the UK. Remember they are the most common names, not necessarily the best house names!

  • 1. The Cottage
  • 2. Rose Cottage
  • 3. The Bungalow
  • 4. The Coach House
  • 5. The School House
  • 6. The Lodge
  • 7. The Barn
  • 8. Orchard House
  • 9. The Stables
  • 10. Woodlands

Will a house name add value?

Whether a house name adds monetary value is debatable. In my professional career I certainly have not seen any evidence of this and it would be hard to prove. There is definitely evidence a house name improves appeal and saleability, so in turn it could drive the interest up and achieve a higher price.

How do I change the name of my house to increase value?

If your house currently has a number and standard street name, then its really easy! You actually don’t need to do a thing. The reason being, you are keeping the number and street in the address and just adding a name.

21 Albert Close would now become Station House, 21 Albert Close. TaDa!

If your house currently has a name and you wish to change it to a new name, then the process is slightly longer. You need to contact your local authority. You will have to complete a application form and they make ask for the title deed plan of the house. They will also consult the Royal Mail too. If they are both happy then you will receive confirmation from your local authority of the change of address. Different local authorities may have different processes so best to get in touch with them directly.

House names matter making your home more attractive and appealing to buyers. But does naming your house increase the value?

Do houses with names sell better? Yes, adding a name to your home instantly makes it more attractive and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Naming your home Valhalla – A house with special value to me

The house name I remember the most, was in fact not related to my job nor was it in the United Kingdom. During a holiday to Portugal in 2022, a property across from the house we were renting was called ‘Valhalla‘. Those of you who may be a fellow Vikings series watcher on Netflix will understand. What a strong name which left an impact on me. I believe only certain homes would deserve such a name!

We have kicked off your create juices with our blog Names for houses with meaning. This will get you started with choosing that special house name. Extending your housecould also increase value. Check out this helpful blog How much can I extend my house without planning?

If your house is on the market just now and the sale process is slow naming your house may help. You may find this helpful 7 reasons your house is not selling.

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